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Finish 2006 Durango to Silverton - Why we live and race in Colorado!

Colorado Velo started in 1986 with just a few 35+ Vets. The following year we obtained primary sponsorship from The Denver Spoke and
went on to become one of the largest bicycle racing clubs in Colorado with over 100 members in the early 90's.
In 1991 and 1992 we fielded one of the best junior teams in the country.

From that time and with sponsor support, we've managed to remain competitive on the ACA and USAC racing circuits
throughout Colorado, Wyoming and the Southwest.

In 2008, we returned to our roots as a master's team, only this time instead of 35+, we are primarily 55 and beyond
with a couple of 35+ and 45+ "youngsters". 2008 was the inaugural running of The Frostbite Time Trial for Colorado Velo and
we did well enough in 55+ racing to achieve 3rd Place for Best All Around Team.

For 2009, with the addition of a few road races in Colorado we amassed enough points to win Best All Around Team as
many of our members placed high in ACA races througout the year.

For 2010 our master's team increased to 14 racing members including a couple of guys under 55 and
a few hangers-on, like me, who come back for more suffering year after year.

For 2011 our master's team has increased to 22 members and we have a new primary sponsor: City Velo,
Denver's best pro bike shop located at 1715 East Evans, just west of DU and across Evans from Kaladi's Coffee.

Following are several slide shows, starting with four years of the Frost Bite Time Trial followed by
pictures and commentary from 2005 - 2011 racing.

Please visit our tribute to Dong Ngo.

Sponsors for 2011 include: